What is real time sync

What is real time sync

Blog-1 of the 8 blog series

Before jumping straight into implementation let's discuss a bit about what is this real time experience we are going to learn in this series

Real time sync apps have these following properties

  1. Any interaction or mutation on the platform is instant and you see the changes instantly on your screen almost feeling native

  2. No loading indicator when you refresh, change pages or come to the app after a day

  3. When you update something another person who has access to the same dashboard and the same dataset get's your update in real time without the need for refreshing the page

  4. Some sort of offline support where you can still interact with the app when you are offline

A great example of this is Linear, every page render and load is instant, interactions are realtime and sync happens with co-workers change's on one's projects without reloading the app.

Throughout this series, we will build a similar app (a simple to-do app, to be honest) that includes all the features discussed above. We will use TypeScript for both the frontend and backend. You will also learn how to set up a production-grade workflow within a monorepo and a type system that will make your life as a developer much easier when adding more business logic.